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What to Expect

• 8 - 12 portraits will be captured of your child participating in various activities

both inside and out

• A class photograph will be taken of all

the children in each group

• We photograph every child and capture a wide variety of images for parents to choose from

• Proof packs will be supplied to families after the photo day - packs contain a proof sheet of all the images photographed and an order form

• 10% of every purchase will be donated back to your kinder or child care centre


We pride ourselves on capturing natural expressions by participating in fun

and creative interactions

What to Wear

• For best results we recommend you co-ordinate clothing in neutral colour and tones

• Simple colours like red, navy, grey and denim look great!

• Avoid clothing with brands and logos

Prices + Packages

• You will be able to purchase individual prints or you can find fantastic value in our 

variety of packages

• Packages start from $49

• Some other options include:

- A class photo

- Photo album

- All the digital files on cd

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